Event Platform

  • Q. Where is Cascadia being held?

    A. Cascadia will be delivered digitally through our event platform EventMobi. When live, you will receive an invitation to create a password and profile from the EventMobi platform (the expected live date is April 21, 2021). Your access is tied to the email you registered with. You are also invited to download the EventMobi Mobile App from the App Store. We will provide an event code to access once we are live. You can attend the event using 3 devices at one time from your account. For the best experience, we recommend you join sessions with a desktop or laptop computer with the following browsers, Firefox 20 and later, Safari 6 and later, Chrome 19 and later, Edge 40 and later.

  • Q. Do I need any specific hardware to attend the virtual event?

    A. Just a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. Reminder to turn on your speakers and your built-in microphone or to use a headset of some kind (recommended for higher quality).

  • Q. Will there be a recording of the event?

    A. Yes, keynotes and sessions will be recorded and shared publicly on BCcampus.ca, post-event.

  • Q. When will I have access to the event?

    A. Access will be sent to attendees five days prior to the event.

  • Q. Who is expected to attend Cascadia?

    A. The audience will include students, teachers, librarians, faculty members, administrators, leaders, educational developers, instructional designers, and educational technologists involved in teaching and learning in British Columbia and beyond.

  • Q. How do I log in?

    A. You will receive an invite and log in with your email address.