Land Acknowledgement

Tsitsáyxemaat (Rebecca Duncan)

Tsitsáyxemaat (Rebecca Duncan) is a Squamish language teacher and curriculum developer. She is from the Squamish and Musqueam nations of the Coast Salish peoples. Rebecca has devoted her life to preserving the Squamish language, along with the cultural teachings that have been handed down to her by her late grandfather from his grandfather, and so on and so forth since the beginning of time. Rebecca is an intermediate-level speaker, and her goal is to be fully immersed to become fluent. Today, the Squamish Nation is 4,200 strong, but there are only seven fluent Squamish speakers left, with approximately 90 eager learners.

Rebecca has performed worldwide, promoting language and culture, representing Coast Salish people, practicing protocols with song and dance, and sharing history with storytelling. She believes that, no matter where you are from, it is so important to know your history, your ties to the land, and your culture.